Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

28 OCT 2013

Unemployment falls in Clacton

Unemployment in Clacton has fallen to 5.9% this September, down on last September's figure of 6.8%.

Furthermore, it has dropped by nearly 2% since September 2011, and is down by almost 3% on January 2012.

"There are fewer unemployed people in Clacton today than a year ago - despite the issues of benefit migration that we have had", explains local MP Douglas Carswell.

"These figures show two things. Firstly the benefit reforms are working. They are helping people who can work back into work.

"Secondly, they show that we can do things locally to create more jobs"

"The free parking scheme for local people that the council introduce has almost certainly helped cut unemployment here in Clacton. Why?"

"Because it has boosted footfall in Clacton town centre, with more money being spent locally than before."

"Now we have to focus on ensuring young folk have the skills that they need to work. The local Tendring studio school is helping doing this. I am determined that we do much more to raise school standards across the board".

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