Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

23 DEC 2013

Tendring singled out for praise in Parliament.

During a Commons debate just before the Christmas recess, local MP, Douglas Carswell spoke of how well Tendring district council and Essex police coped organising the evacuation of Brooklands and Jaywick during the recent tidal surge.

"It is to the great credit of people in Jaywick and Brooklands that thousands of people were moved with such minimum fuss." Douglas told the Commons.

The biggest tidal surge for 30 years in early December saw thousands of householders evacuated. Despite the tide being even higher than that recorded during the disastrous 1953 floods, the sea defences held, and most people were able to return home the next day.

"The sea wall held, but we need to ensure that we maintain our sea wall" Douglas explains.

During the Commons debate, the minister, Dan Rogerson, also singled out Tendring council for praise. "I was very impressed with the feedback I received from local residents about how the evacuation had proceeded and how reassuring it was for them, with everything well handled" he said.

He offered to work with the council to secure funding to ensure that the sea wall is maintained and enhanced.

He also went on to praise the £36 million sea defence project due to begin in 2014 along the coast of Clacton and Holland on Sea "I was particularly impressed, when I visited Clacton, to hear about its plans to use the flood defences to restore the sandy beach, which should also have economic benefits. There is a clear case for investing in flood defences not only because of the economic risks attached to flooding but because of what they can bring to the local economy. That is an excellent project."

"This is good news for local folk in Essex" explains Douglas. "We must ensure that the defences are maintained and the assurance from the minister to help get partnership funding for the sea wall is vital".

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