Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

01 MAR 2017

Take action against public drunks, urges MP

Local MP Douglas Carswell has written to both Tendring District Council and Essex police asking that action be taken to reduce public drunkenness in the centre of Clacton.

A small number of problem drinkers often congregate over the course of the day, creating an unpleasant atmosphere for local residents and those visiting.

"With the warmer weather on the way, we need to take steps so that a small minority don't make our town centre unattractive for the majority", Douglas said.

"A lot of local residents, particularly families have contacted me because they feel that there are drunks in public places. I think steps need to be taken now to deal with it.

"There are no easy answers, but I would like to see the police use what powers they have to take alcohol away from people drinking in controlled zones."

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