Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

08 DEC 2008

Pensioners are my priority

"Tendring pensioners need government help to meet the high cost of heating" says local MP, Douglas Carswell. "Now we've had our first really cold spell of the winter, I know that a lot are starting to struggle".

"My number one priority in the new Parliamentary term is to help older folk in Tendring caught out by the rapid increase in fuel prices. The bills keep going up - but many are on fixed incomes, and so find it really tough".

Douglas began the new Parliamentary term putting the following questions to the Minister responsible:

What action is the Minister taking to ensure that no pensioner in Tendring this winter finds themselves unable to pay their heating bills?

Can the Minister issue a statement of progress towards the eradication of fuel poverty in Tendring by 2010?

What steps is the Minister taking to help pensioners in Tendring meet the cost of rising fuel and heating prices?

What steps is the Minister taking to help pensioners in Tendring meet increases in the cost of living?

"My constituency has one of the highest proportions of older folk of anyplace in the whole country. Pensioners are my priority."

"People who have spent their working lives paying taxes and contributing into the system need to know that its going to be there for them in their retirement".

"We need to act now, not in January or February when it gets real cold."

"As your local representative, I'm determined to hold government to account - they need to explain what they'll do with our money to help older folk in Tendring".

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