Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

07 OCT 2008

MP back campaign to reduce immigration

Douglas Carswell has joined a cross party campaign to end uncontrolled immigration into Britain.

Douglas says "With Parliament back, my first priority was to sign up to this new campaign to end uncontrolled, mass immigration in to our country".

Joining the cross Party group on Balanced Migration, Douglas said "Unless action is taken, immigration will add a population increase equivalent to seven new cities the size of Birmingham over the next 25 years. Two thirds of immigrants in 2006 came from outside the EU."

"It's time to act. Successive governments and politicians have done nothing about it. We need to address this issue now".

The new campaign, spear headed by Labour's Frank Field MP and Tory Nicholas Soames MP, wants to ensure that those entering the country approximately equal those leaving.

Douglas says "I'd like to see a large scale reduction in all non-EU immigration into the UK. When I first called for an end to mass immigration, I was attacked. But its time to speak out".

"Backing this campaign is the first thing I wanted to do in the new Parliamentary year. That's because tackling uncontrolled immigration is one of my top priorities".

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