Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

15 OCT 2010

Members of the travelling community should have to obey planning laws


Local MP, Douglas Carswell, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s comments during Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons that the travelling community should have to obey the same planning laws as everyone else.


“A number of constituents have contacted me to express their concern about groups of travellers encamped in the local area” explains Douglas.


"The previous Government's policy has harmed community cohesion, and respect for the democratic process, by creating a perception that planning rules are not always applied equally."


"The Coalition Government is concerned about the growing number of unauthorised developments and encampments and the problems they cause within communities. Ministers are now looking at ways to strengthen the powers available to local councils to more effectively tackle unauthorised development."  


“I think it is important that travellers are never targeted or discriminated against because they are travellers. Our planning laws should respect everybody equally, regardless of their background and heritage.”


“That means that there must be one law and one set of rules, applied equally, and obeyed by all. That is fair”.

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