Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

16 OCT 2012

Lives not knives

There have been a number of crimes involving knives in Clacton recently. 

Douglas is helping ensure an effective response.  As well as giving 100% backing to the "Lives not Knives" initiative, Douglas supports local awareness raising campaigns.

"In addition, I would like to see a change in the way our town is policed" says Douglas.

"We don't just need to raise awareness.  We need to see a concrete response from the local criminal justice system".

Douglas has written to the Chief Constable to suggest that the local police use their stop and search powers to target those they suspect of carrying knives. 

He has also suggested that the police might do more to enforce the "no boozing" rules that are supposed to prevent drinking in public spaces in our town.

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