Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

23 DEC 2014

GovernmentÂ’s Green Deal in Clacton a failure, says local MP

Douglas Carswell raised the issue of Jaywick home insulation in parliament by highlighting the failures of government policy.

The Green Deal, the government's flagship scheme to improve home insulation, has had a dire uptake, with only 4,000 plans having been initiated nationwide. Speaking in the House of Commons, Douglas made clear that:

"The Secretary of State reels off statistics about home insulation, rather like a Soviet-era apparatchik talking about tractor production. Thousands of homes in Jaywick were promised home insulation at the beginning of this year. Why, at the end of the year, have only a handful of homes had that insulation, and why has the promise that more homes would get it evaporated?"

Ed Davey, the climate change minister, ducked the question and suggested that "some energy efficiency schemes have not gone ahead".

Douglas will continue to make the case that Government incompetence and a focus on state planning will serve only to drive up energy bills for the people of Clacton.

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