Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

22 JUN 2011

Douglas takes action for the Coastguard


Clacton’s MP, Douglas Carswell, met with representatives of the Walton Coastguard to receive a petition to keep the Walton Station open.


“I am really impressed by the work local people are doing to save their Coastguard Station,” says Douglas. “Local knowledge has probably saved lives in the past and locals want it to continue to do so in the future.”


The petition was handed over to Douglas by Karen Paradise, the Watch Manager at the station, to pass on to Mike Penning, the Minister responsible for the plans to close the Station.


“I would urge people who want to save the facility to sign the petition. It is ultimately local people signing the petition that will force the Government to listen and reconsider their plans for the Coastguard.”

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