Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

09 OCT 2007

Douglas demands answers

Douglas demands answers about the cost of the consultation over the future of the Peter Bruff ward.

"What was the cost of consulting over the future of the Peter Bruff ward?"; that is the question local MP, Douglas Carswell, has put to health Ministers today.

News that Peter Bruff ward would not close came in an email from local health chiefs to Douglas, and the decision was revealed in direct response to a campaigning video he posted on local website . The decision was then formally confirmed by the local Primary Care Trust last week.

Welcoming the decision to keep Peter Bruff, Douglas says "The PCT claims that it decided not to shut Peter Bruff because there is not any chance of alternative local provision for those vulnerable people who might otherwise depend on Peter Bruff."

"Any number of local people could have told them that in five minutes. So why the lengthy and costly consultation? Why consult if it is so obvious that the ward is so clearly needed"

"The cost of this consultation can be measured not only in terms of money, but in the stress that the uncertainty has caused very many local people"

"It is a sad fact that today we need to maintain a constant vigilance to safeguard our local services".

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