Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

22 NOV 2012

Clacton's MP, Douglas Carswell, has secured a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on knife crime

The debate, due on Tuesday November 27th at 14:30, will see the Gazette's 'Lives Not Knives' put firmly on the top of the political agenda in Westminster.

"I've listened to local people whose lives have been turned upside down by knife crime" explains Douglas. "There is a strong feeling locally that enough is enough. The criminal justice system needs to acknowledge the legitimate concerns of the law abiding, and deal with the problem".

"As well as raising awareness, we need to see many more stopped and searched. Those found to be carrying knives must then be prosecuted. Not cautioned, but prosecuted".

"A generation ago, many people thought it was okay to drink and drive. The police began to stop motorists, breathalysed, and prosecuted those breaking the law. It soon changed attitudes. We need a similar stance in Clacton to tackle the problem of knives".

"Now that Essex has a locally elected police chief, Commissioner Alston, I hope that we can begin to see a specific, Clacton-made solution to deal with a problem of knife crime in Clacton".

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