Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

16 JAN 2017

Clacton hospital must keep its minor injuries unit, insists MP

Local MP Douglas Carswell has written to local NHS bosses explaining why the Minor Injuries Unit at Clacton hospital must be kept open.

"I am 100 percent against any attempt to close the Minor Injuries Unit" he said.

"Local services are being salami sliced. If Clacton hospital loses the Minor Injuries Unit, people needing treatment – often after an accident or trauma – will have to travel to Colchester. That can't be right".

"Last year they wanted to shut Peter Bruff ward and relocate certain mental health services. Now it's the Minor Injuries Unit they want to relocate. Its almost as if NHS bosses in Colchester are rearranging local services to do what suits them, not people in Clacton".

"Local people have a right to expect a local hospital, capable of treating them or their loved ones in the event of an accident. Its not too much to ask, surely?"

The NHS's own statistics show that there is a clear local need for this service in Clacton, with thousands of patients being treated at the Unit. One in four of those attending the Minor Injuries Unit do so in pain or with injuries after an accident.

Douglas added "This proposal makes no sense. If the Unit is shut, it will mean more pressure on the A&E services in Colchester, where there is already a bottle neck."

"Our local NHS in our part of Essex is drifting towards a crisis – and this will only make things worse".

"Already many local people, who have paid into the system, find they are unable to get to see a GP. Which means more people turn up at A&E, putting pressure on emergency responses there. Now they are proposing something that will add to the pressure".

Douglas has already written to the local North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group to request a face to face meeting. He has also written to the health minister, Jeremy Hunt, flagging up concerns about the state of the local NHS, and how these ill considered proposals will make things worse, and tabled a series of questions about the proposal in Parliament.

"Local people are fed up with remote officials making decisions to down grade local services. I am determined to challenge them – and make NHS bosses see some sense".

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