Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

23 NOV 2015

Carswell seeks action over Tendring travellers

Local MP Douglas Carswell this month raised the problem of illegal traveller camps in and around Clacton.

Travellers have been moving around the constituency to different sites in St. Osyth, Great Holland and most recently the Martello Car Park in Clacton, sometimes causing real problems in our communities. In a written question response from Brandon Lewis, minister for housing and planning, the government made clear that police already have existing powers to direct those not authorised to be on land to move on. The minister also said that:

"The Government sent the summary of powers document to all Council Leaders, Police Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners in England."

Some of those powers, contained in the 1994 Public Order Act, gives the police the ability to move on travellers, particularly if they have caused damage or offence.

Douglas went on to say:

"It's right that Essex police has the power to do something about this. But I also think that Tendring council and our police and crime commissioner need to do more about this problem.

"For too long, people around the constituency have had to endure the nuisance that some of these travellers can cause. The powers to do something about this are there, so it's high time the PCC and the council had a real plan to deal with it."

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