Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

29 OCT 2013

Carswell pushes for better broadband

"In the nineteenth century, prosperity meant being connected by rail. Last century, it meant roads. In future, prosperity means being plugged into superfast broadband" says Douglas Carswell.

Passionate about the internet, and how it is changing Britain for the better, Douglas even wrote a book on iDemocracy.

Now he is pushing to get every part of Tendring on to superfast broad band.

The good news is that superfast coverage is about to be increased so that it covers almost 90percent of Essex.

"This is great news for businesses and residents in Essex as currently not everywhere in Essex has Superfast broadband" explains MP Douglas Carswell.

"The planning policy now includes the provision for broadband infrastructure that will allow access to Superfast broadband on sites with 25 and more premises, which is excellent news".

"I will continue to do more to ensure not only better download speeds, but better upload ones too"

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