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Douglas Carswell

04 DEC 2006

Axe Human Rights Law - demands Douglas

04 December 2006

MP defies Human Rights establishment

Local MP, Douglas Carswell, has used his position on the Parliamentary committee on Human Rights to call for the abolition of ludicrous Human Rights laws.

The Human Rights Committee is dominated by the Human Rights establishment. Douglas believes that Human Rights rules have meant that criminals evade justice and the terrorist threat goes unchecked.

Looking at three specific instances, Douglas issued a report to the committee that shows how the Human Rights law is letting us all down. Douglas' report is based on factual detail and complex legal arguement, and shows how Human Rights law meant:

* A convicted criminal was freed to murder

* Nine Afghan hijackers were able to remain at large in Britain

* Foreign criminals could not be deported from the UK

Douglas' report calls for the abolition of not only the notorious Human Rights Act, but more importantly, Britain's withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights.

Douglas' report was voted down by supporters of the Human Rights establishment - most of who, it could be noted, were not actually elected.

Douglas says "People should read my minority report because it is important that people know that there is an alternative. Britain can scrap the Human Rights laws we have had imposed on us - and still protect the freedoms of those who live here.

Britain must axe the Human Rights act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. It is in our national interest to do so, and it is in the best interests of our individual freedoms and liberties. I have no doubt - despite the power of the Human Rights establishment - that in the end the Human Rights Act will go".

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