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Douglas Carswell

08 DEC 2011

Douglas supports late-night volunteers


Local MP, Douglas Carswell, has welcomed the latest citizens’ initiative where a group of volunteers will patrol the streets of Clacton in order to prevent anti-social behaviour. According to coordinator Rev David Titley from St Paul’s Church , a similar scheme in Colchester resulted in a 20 percent decrease in alcohol related problems at night.


“I understand many are concerned with the current rates of anti-social behaviour, and I applause the local men and women who have decided to take action.”


“I am delighted to see that the people of Clacton are working together for a safer community. Such initiatives are excellent examples of Clacton’s thriving civil society.”


07 NOV 2011

Battle won to keep driving tests in Clacton


The campaign to retain driving tests in Clacton has been won following a seven year battle.


The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has announced that it will continue to provide practical car tests in the town. It expects to carry on operating from the current test centre premises in Carnarvon Road for the time being.


Nationally, as well as using conventional driving test centres, DSA is looking at whether tests could also be delivered from other venues that provide the right level of service for candidates.


Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said: “I am delighted to confirm that we will continue to provide driving tests in Clacton. Our aim is to offer a local service that is convenient for candidates as well as being cost effective.


“We are looking at how we can be more flexible and innovative in our approach to test delivery, and this could involve using other premises to deliver driving tests, such as local authority buildings or hotels.”


Clacton MP Douglas Carswell said it is great news for the town.


"It is vital that we safeguard driving tests in Clacton. A whole industry has grown up around it, and jobs depend on it,” he said.

“I listened to local concerns. I took action and, working with TDC, secured a guarantee that there will continue to be driving tests locally and that there will be no gap in provision.”


Julie Hartigan and Peter Everitt, speaking on behalf of the Clacton and District Driving Instructors (CADDI) , thanked Mr Carswell and the Regeneration Team at TDC for their fantastic support.


“We have all fought hard to make sure this issue hasn’t been swept under the carpet,” they said.


“It is a huge relief to everyone, especially all those wanting to take tests in their own area, that the Minister has given his personal assurance that Clacton tests are secure. It has been a long but successful battle.”


DSA has already announced trials to deliver tests more locally in seven sites across the country. These will be monitored to assess any impact on levels of customer service and the cost of delivery, as well as making sure the integrity of the test is maintained. 






















Victory for Clacton – CADDI spokesman Peter Everitt (centre and pink tie) with Clacton MP Douglas Carswell (immediately right of PE in photo) and TDC Deputy Leader Peter Halliday (immediately left of PE) celebrate with other driving instructors.




26 OCT 2011

The Carswell Column

By: Douglas Carswell for the Clacton Gazette


Many local people have been in touch about proposals for new local housing developments.


I do support homeownership, and I am keen that we ensure that there are enough new homes built.  However, building enough homes is not the same as giving every developer license to build where they like.  Allowing new homes must not mean imposing giant developments without the supporting local services.   


It is the job of Tendring council to reconcile these two interests locally.  The local councillors you elected to do that job have an vital role to play in getting it right. 


Under the new rules, Tendring Council decides how many new homes are to be built.  6,100 new homes?  Or 4,100?  It is up to Tendring council to make the decision.  There is no one in government telling Tendring council what the figure should be – just a requirement that the figure is based on sensible estimates. 


It is up to Tendring council to decide where the new homes are built, too.  85 percent in Clacton and Frinton?  Or a more balanced spread across the district?  A few more homes in some of the rural areas where there is a housing shortage, perhaps?  It is up to Tendring council to decide.  Again, there is no requirement from the government telling the council where they should put new homes.


What kind of housing?  How much social housing?  Again, it is the local district council that has the power to decide.  And it is up to your locally elected district councillors to ensure that the council planning department makes the right decisions. 


Tendring Council does have a legal responsibility to make these decisions.  But provided they make a coherent plan, the detail of it is up to them.  Please look at the district council website and submit your comments online today.


I was sad to hear about the death of former MP, Iain Sproat.  Iain was both a minister and a dedicated constituency MP.  In an age when many politicians are a bit one dimensional, Iain had a depth of interests and character.  A world expert on Russian literature, Iain also bought the first ever National Lottery ticket as the man behind the launch of the National Lottery.  I will think of him each time I hear of a local charity benefiting from lottery funding.


This Saturday I will be speaking at a mass rally in London demanding an In / Out referendum on the EU.  After years of leaving it to the politicians, we need to let the people decide.  Momentum for a referendum is now growing.  It will, I hope, soon become unstoppable.  Please sign the People’s Pledge demanding a vote on Europe today at


Douglas blogs every day at

and can be followed on Twitter @douglascarswell.




19 OCT 2011

Speaking at People's Pledge congress


On Saturday, Douglas will speak at the People’s Pledge Congress at Westminster Central Hall. The congress on ‘The Euro zone crisis and the case for an EU Referendum” will also be attended by MEP Dan Hannan and MPs such as Zac Goldsmith and Kate Hoey. Douglas says, “After having campaigned for an EU referendum for quite some time, I am delighted to see that people are finally taking action. I am honoured to speak at the Congress.”

17 OCT 2011

Speaking at Coastal and Marine APPG


On Monday, Douglas will be speaking on the Coastal and Marine APPG meeting at the Palace of Westminster. Mr. George, MP for West Cornwall and Isles of Scilly and Mr. Woodcock, MP for the Barrow and Furness will also be participating in order to raise awareness of the diversity of regeneration needs on the coast. Douglas says, "Representing Clacton, the economic performance of coastal places is a key concern of mine. I am looking forward to discussing the issues with other MPs."

05 OCT 2011

Fish and Chips with Jeremy Hunt MP


On Thursday, Douglas, together with Councillor Linda Mead, will be hosting a fish-and-chip supper at the Holland Public Hall, Holland-on-Sea. His guest of honour will be Jeremy Hunt MP, the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport.  

Jeremy will be giving a short speech and taking questions from the floor. The event is now fully booked, and Douglas is looking forward to an entertaining evening, with some hearty debate over Jeremy’s role in the 2012 Olympics and other topics of interest.

28 SEP 2011

Douglas attends Macmillan coffee morning


On Friday, Douglas will be attending the Macmillan coffee morning, in the Frinton and Walton Masonic Hall, Frinton-on-Sea. 

Douglas says, “I am proud to be participating in a fundraising event for such a worthy cause. The volunteers at Macmillan perform an invaluable service for cancer patients and their families across the country. It is events like this which enable them to continue their vital work.”

21 SEP 2011

Douglas addresses TENpag meeting


On Wednesday, Douglas Carswell, Clacton’s MP, addressed the Tendring Pensioners’ Action Group (TENpag) at St Bartholomew’s Church Hall. Douglas spoke about his work for Clacton and fielded questions from the audience.   

“It’s inspiring to see what a group of dedicated individuals can do when they work together,” Douglas said. “TENpag’s example shows that retirement need not mean slowing down!”

29 JUN 2011

Sandcastles for William and Kate


Tomorrow Douglas Carswell, Clacton’s MP, will be judging the efforts of construction professionals to build a palace fit for Prince William and Kate Middleton.


The competition is due to take place on the esplanade at Frinton-on-Sea and will see teams trying to build the best sandcastle for the Royal Couple.


The event is organised by the Daniel Connal Partnership, a firm of chartered surveyors, to promote the construction industry locally.

22 JUN 2011

Douglas takes action for the Coastguard


Clacton’s MP, Douglas Carswell, met with representatives of the Walton Coastguard to receive a petition to keep the Walton Station open.


“I am really impressed by the work local people are doing to save their Coastguard Station,” says Douglas. “Local knowledge has probably saved lives in the past and locals want it to continue to do so in the future.”


The petition was handed over to Douglas by Karen Paradise, the Watch Manager at the station, to pass on to Mike Penning, the Minister responsible for the plans to close the Station.


“I would urge people who want to save the facility to sign the petition. It is ultimately local people signing the petition that will force the Government to listen and reconsider their plans for the Coastguard.”

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