Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

08 DEC 2010

Douglas joins APPG on Coastal Erosion


Local MP, Douglas Carswell, will be joining an All Party Parliamentary Group on Coastal Erosion, which he is helping to set up in Westminster.


“Coastal erosion is a significant problem in my constituency, including in Jaywick and Walton on the Naze. I think this group is very important as it will allow MP’s with similar problems in their constituencies to discuss how erosion is affecting constituents and how this problem can be combated.”


“Some of the major causes for concern in my constituency are the erosion of the sea wall at the Naze, and coastal erosion in Jaywick. I am aware that the Environment Agency has recently visited the Naze site with councillors from TDC, with the aim of finding a long-term solution to this problem. It is issues like these that I would like to discuss with other MPs to compare the action that has been taken with other constituencies and to see if there is anything else I can be doing to help.”

22 NOV 2010

Douglas welcomes Korean Veterans Association to Westminster


Last Monday, Douglas Carswell MP welcomed a group from the Clacton District Korean Veterans Association to Parliament.


“I am delighted to welcome members of the local Korean Veterans Association to Westminster, and I very much hope that they enjoyed their tour of Parliament. It is especially fitting that I met with the Veterans Association today, in light of the Remembrance Sunday events taking place around the country yesterday.”


Last Sunday, Douglas attended a Remembrance service in Walton on the Naze. The service, organised by the Royal British Legion, was held at Walton Parish Church Memorial Gardens.


"I was honoured to take part in this service and I felt immensely proud watching our young Royal Marine Cadets on parade. We owe our troops - both past and present - a huge deal, and I think the large turnout in Walton and in other areas around my constituency shows how highly we respect the job they do."

15 NOV 2010

Compensation will be paid soon to Equitable Life policyholders


From the outset, the Coalition Government has sought to deliver a quick and just resolution to Equitable Life’s policyholders.


The Ombudsman recommended that the government should compensate for a relative loss, that is, the difference between what policyholders who invested from September 1992 onwards received from their policies and what they the policies would have amounted to had they been invested elsewhere. It is also necessary to consider the potential impact on the public purse of any payment of compensation.


A total of £1.5 billion has been made available as compensation and all payments to policyholders will be tax free.


Douglas says, “I know how concerned some of my constituents have been about ensuring a just settlement for po licyholders – and I believe that policyholders deserve a fair deal.  Although I appreciate that full compensation for every case will not be given , I do hope that people find it a major improvement on where we were under the previous Government.”


The Independent Payments commission will be reporting back to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, by the end of January with the proposed design of the payments scheme.


“I have been advised that policyholders should expect the first payment of compensation in the middle of 2011. Policyholders have waited a long time for justice and I would like to assure my constituents that the Government will deliver on our election promises.”

15 OCT 2010

Members of the travelling community should have to obey planning laws


Local MP, Douglas Carswell, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s comments during Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons that the travelling community should have to obey the same planning laws as everyone else.


“A number of constituents have contacted me to express their concern about groups of travellers encamped in the local area” explains Douglas.


"The previous Government's policy has harmed community cohesion, and respect for the democratic process, by creating a perception that planning rules are not always applied equally."


"The Coalition Government is concerned about the growing number of unauthorised developments and encampments and the problems they cause within communities. Ministers are now looking at ways to strengthen the powers available to local councils to more effectively tackle unauthorised development."  


“I think it is important that travellers are never targeted or discriminated against because they are travellers. Our planning laws should respect everybody equally, regardless of their background and heritage.”


“That means that there must be one law and one set of rules, applied equally, and obeyed by all. That is fair”.

29 SEP 2010

Douglas appears on Channel 4's Dispatches


Last week, Douglas appeared on Channel 4’s Dispatches to discuss the failures of the Ministry of Defence budget. The programme, “How the MoD wastes our billions”, examined whether the British taxpayer and British troops are getting value for money from the department.


Amongst other issues, the programme investigated the provision of poor equipment for British troops. The majority of this equipment is supplied by a few privileged suppliers, effectively making the arms industry one of the last state-subsidised industries left in the U.K.


Douglas says, “I don’t really see how those like me, on the centre right, who believe in choice and competition, can really square that believe in choice and competition to raise standards, with what is going on with defence procurement. It’s a form of irrational economic insanity, but the price we’re paying is not simply that there’s an industry that is not made as efficient as it should be. The price is paid by our armed forces- that’s what makes this so outrageous”.


“When I hear politicians talking about the fact that if we ended some of these contracts there would be job losses- I want to turn around and ask those people, do they really think that the primary purpose of our defence budget is a job creation scheme? Because if it is, I think they should go out to Afghanistan and explain that to our soldiers”.

21 SEP 2010

Douglas helps to launch Clacton branch of Essex Savers at Clacton Library


















Douglas helped to launch the Clacton branch of Essex Savers at Clacton Library on Friday, 10 September.


Essex Savers provides a "local ethical banking" alternative for people to save in a safe place, and seeks to provide "Fair Finance For All". The Clacton branch will be open every Friday from 3pm-5pm at Clacton Library.


Douglas says, "It's great to see Essex Savers doing so well locally, offering people the chance to save their money safely and manage their finances securely. And it's great to see our local library being used as a focal point for the community".

20 SEP 2010

Douglas seeks to reform the banks


Last week, Douglas introduced a Bill designed to reform the banking system and to prevent banks automatically treating individuals money as if it were their own.


Douglas’ Financial Services (Regulation of Deposits and Lending) Bill aims to give consumers greater protection – and also seeks to prevent the build up of credit bubbles, followed by busts.


Douglas says, “At present, when you deposit money in a bank, that bank - not you - legally owns the money.  The banks can - and do - use that money as they please. They can issue credit against it many times over.


“This is a form of legal privilege that banks have, which no other business is allowed. It’s wrong that banks should automatically be able to issue credit against your deposits again and again and again.


At the height of the credit bubble, for every £1 deposited at the bank, banks had issued over £40 worth of IOUs. UK banking resembled a giant credit pyramid. No wonder the money ran out.”


The current legal status of bank deposits allows banks to create as much credit as they want during the boom times. But as we have seen, they then have to turn to the taxpayer when reality comes home. My Bill seeks to prevent this happening again”.


The second reading of the bill will be on Friday 19th November.

13 SEP 2010

"Why have NHS management costs increased?" asks MP


Figures show that management costs and consultancy fees for NHS North East Essex Primary Care Trust have soared over the past four years.


Management costs that were £6.27 million in 2006/07 have increased to £12.74 million for the year 2009/10. Likewise, consultancy fees have grown from £555,000 in 2006/07 to £1.95 million in 2009/10.









Management Costs £’000






Consultancy Fees £’000








Douglas says, “Over a three year period, management costs doubled. We need an explanation as to why it now costs twice as much to pay management costs as it did three years ago. What has changed? Consultancy fees have also increased; by nearly four-fold in 36 months. Could money be better spent so that it gets to the front-line here in Tendring?”


“Local people in Jaywick and West Clacton have not had access to the GP services they deserved in recent months. They will want to know why all of this extra money went on management costs and consultancy fees, but didn’t deliver the kind of local NHS services they have a right to expect.”


“It is right that this extra money has gone in to the local NHS, but we need to ensure it is spent on things that improve actual patient care, not on administration costs.”


“I would like to see the Primary Care Trust provide a detailed breakdown of the cost increases so local people can decide if it is money well spent.”

02 SEP 2010

Frinton Literary Festival 2010

The Frinton Literary Festival will take place from Friday 24 - Sunday 26 September this year.

Douglas says, “This is a great event for all of the family to enjoy. This year, authors will be visiting all 5 local primary schools in Frinton and Tendring Technology College. I highly recommend for people to take part in this year’s festival and enjoy all that is on offer”.

A number of talks by noted authors will take place at Frinton Golf Club and a quiz night will be held on Friday 10 September at 7.30pm in McGrigor Hall to raise funds for the Festival.

“I urge people to head down to the quiz night to show their support for this wonderful event. If anyone needs more information about any of these events it can be found on”.

30 AUG 2010

Good news about Green Flag Awards for local green spaces

Clacton Seafront and Marina Gardens and Crescent Garden in Frinton on Sea have been awarded Green Flags this year.

“I am delighted by this news as I think it is very important that my constituents have access to good quality green spaces", says Douglas.

The Green Flag Award Scheme has been successful in raising the standards of Britain’s gardens and parks. It is a highly regarded award and recognises green spaces that communities treasure.

“Parks and gardens are very valuable to people and increasing numbers of local people are contributing to these projects, to help their communities .This is a good example of Big Society in action, and anyone who has helped to get this result deserves to be applauded”.



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