Member of Parliament for Clacton

Douglas Carswell

13 FEB 2017

Clacton MP calls for better doctor retention

Douglas Carswell has called on the government to ensure that GP surgeries are able to keep doctors in areas with an older population.

In a written question to the junior health minister, David Mowat, Douglas asked whether the government had drawn up a strategy.

In response, the minister said:

"The Department does not have a specific policy on the retention of general practitioner practices in areas with an elderly demographic" but that the Department of Health was also "investing £40 million over four years targeted at supporting practice resilience."

North East Essex CCG is currently consulting on whether to close the Minor Injuries Unit at Clacton Hospital.

Douglas went to say that:

"For many reasons, older folk struggle to make appointments that are far from their home. GP surgeries need to be properly staffed to handle the needs of elderly patients.

"The closure of Clacton's Minor Injuries Unit might mean even more pressure on primary care providers.

"Sadly, many of the problems which I made clear to Jeremy Hunt some years ago have now come to pass."

16 JAN 2017

Clacton hospital must keep its minor injuries unit, insists MP

Local MP Douglas Carswell has written to local NHS bosses explaining why the Minor Injuries Unit at Clacton hospital must be kept open.

"I am 100 percent against any attempt to close the Minor Injuries Unit" he said.

"Local services are being salami sliced. If Clacton hospital loses the Minor Injuries Unit, people needing treatment – often after an accident or trauma – will have to travel to Colchester. That can't be right".

"Last year they wanted to shut Peter Bruff ward and relocate certain mental health services. Now it's the Minor Injuries Unit they want to relocate. Its almost as if NHS bosses in Colchester are rearranging local services to do what suits them, not people in Clacton".

"Local people have a right to expect a local hospital, capable of treating them or their loved ones in the event of an accident. Its not too much to ask, surely?"

The NHS's own statistics show that there is a clear local need for this service in Clacton, with thousands of patients being treated at the Unit. One in four of those attending the Minor Injuries Unit do so in pain or with injuries after an accident.

Douglas added "This proposal makes no sense. If the Unit is shut, it will mean more pressure on the A&E services in Colchester, where there is already a bottle neck."

"Our local NHS in our part of Essex is drifting towards a crisis – and this will only make things worse".

"Already many local people, who have paid into the system, find they are unable to get to see a GP. Which means more people turn up at A&E, putting pressure on emergency responses there. Now they are proposing something that will add to the pressure".

Douglas has already written to the local North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group to request a face to face meeting. He has also written to the health minister, Jeremy Hunt, flagging up concerns about the state of the local NHS, and how these ill considered proposals will make things worse, and tabled a series of questions about the proposal in Parliament.

"Local people are fed up with remote officials making decisions to down grade local services. I am determined to challenge them – and make NHS bosses see some sense".

16 JAN 2017

MP applauds local flood response efforts

Local MP Douglas Carswell has applauded the way local police, Tendring council and other agencies and volunteers responded to the flood alert last week.

"This is the second time in three years that it has been necessary to evacuate Brooklands and parts of Jaywick" said Douglas. "Mercifully the sea did not breach the sea wall – but if it had, the consequences could have been catastrophic".

"Throughout the flood alert, I kept in touch with Tendring council and with Essex police, who together did a superb job. Well done to them, and to some of the local volunteers who helped out".

"Well done too to all those local residents affected by the evacuation, who supported each other".

"I have written to both Russ Cole and Ian Davidson to say what a great job their team did. It was an example of public service at its best".

12 DEC 2016

Douglas Carswell thanks Clacton's postmen for delivering Christmas

Douglas Carswell visited Clacton-on-Sea Delivery Office to thank staff for their hard work over the Christmas period.

Introduced by Delivery Office Manager Scott McInnes, Douglas met local postmen and women, and thanked them personally for making sure Clacton residents receive their Christmas cards and presents.

Mr. Carswell said: “We owe a special debt of gratitude to the Royal Mail at Christmas. Thank you for all the hard work you do, especially at this time of year. I wish local postmen, and everyone in Clacton, a very merry Christmas.”

12 DEC 2016

Douglas Carswell pushes to cut congestion on Thorpe High Street

Local MP Douglas Carswell is leading efforts to reduce traffic on Thorpe-le-Soken High Street.

Acting on concerns raised by Thorpe residents, Douglas contacted the Essex Highways team directly to ask for a rethink of the High Street's layout. Together with representatives of both Essex County Council and Tendring District Council, Douglas visited the High Street to explore possible solutions.

Douglas has also written to local residents, enclosing a survey asking for their views on the issue.

"It's important no changes are made that make things worse", Douglas commented. "Input from local residents is vital to ensure we find the best possible solution."

15 NOV 2016

Local MP Douglas Carswell wants answers on Colchester Hospital

Douglas Carswell has asked the government about the improvements currently underway at Colchester Hospital.

The hospital was placed into special measures in November 2013, with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) highlighting ineffectual leadership and some patients at high risk of harm. The Princess Alexandra in Harlow and Cambridge's Addenbrooke's have also recently been admonished by health regulators.

Douglas asked whether the special measures were actually delivering at Colchester Hospital. In response, Philip Dunne, the minister of state at the Department of Health, said that the "efficacy of the support arrangements will be assessed by the CQC when it re-inspects in due course."

Douglas went on to say:

"For three years, Colchester Hospital has struggled along. Time and again, the governance, patient care and financial management has been found wanting.

"This affects Clacton constituents and many others from around East Anglia. We need root and branch reform of the foundation trusts that consistently let patients down."

08 NOV 2016

Clacton MP pushes for better use of knife amnesties

Douglas Carswell has asked government ministers about how better to tackle knife crime in our part of Essex.

In a written parliamentary question to the Home Office, Sarah Newton, junior minister for vulnerability, safeguarding and countering extremism, Douglas asked whether current rules to deal with knife crime, including amnesties, are working sufficiently. In response, the minister said:

"Tackling knife crime is a priority for the Government and we have encouraged police forces to undertake a series of coordinated weeks of action to tackle knife crime under Operation Sceptre."

Last month, more than 850 knives were handed in at special collection bins in Clacton and Colchester.

Douglas went on to say:

"I strongly supported the Gazette's Lives Not Knives campaign back in 2012, securing a parliamentary debate on the issue.

"For all the changes that have happened since then, we need to ensure that Essex Police have the powers they need to get more knives off the street."

18 OCT 2016

Douglas Carswell listens to Great Clacton's concerns

Local MP Douglas Carswell this weekend attended a meeting of the Great Clacton Residents Association.

Douglas met with the Association's chairman and treasurer, Anne Paulizky and Barrie Coker respectively, and spoke with other residents from the area at the Association's hall on Valley Road.

At the meeting, Douglas discussed some of the actions to improve the area and his top priorities for it. This included expanding the availability of GP services, as well as a range of other issues which were bought up by local residents.

Afterwards, Douglas said that he "really enjoyed the meeting and it was a great success."

11 OCT 2016

Douglas Carswell celebrates Blue Ribbon Awards

Clacton MP Douglas Carswell has welcomed the introduction of the first Tendring Blue Ribbon Awards.

The first awards ceremony, last Thursday, were established to celebrate excellence and success within the business community of Tendring.

A total of 12 awards were presented during the evening at the Princes Theatre in Clacton Town Hall. These included best start-up and employer of the year. Douglas was part of the panel for the Judges Award, which celebrates the most meritorious nominee.

After the ceremony, Douglas went on to say:

"We've so much in Tendring to celebrate. We had a great variety of nominees and it was a real challenge to choose a winner. I very much look to seeing the awards going from strength to strength in the years to come."

20 SEP 2016

Local MP keeps up pressure on Abellio for Clacton commuters

Douglas Carswell has got assurances from the Department for Transport that the new East Anglia franchise will include improvements for Clacton station.

The Department and Abellio Greater Anglia, the current franchisee, agreed to an extension of the agreement until 2025. As part of this, Abellio will introducing 1,043 new carriages by September 2020.

In a parliamentary question response, the new trains minster, Paul Maynard, said that at Clacton station, Abellio "shall undertake a refurbishment programme at Clacton-on-Sea. This will include a deep clean of the station." It will also mean the installation of a CCTV system.

Douglas went on to say:

"Abellio Greater Anglia is an appalling company. Time and again, they let commuters down with bad trains, late services during rush hour and terrible customer care.

"So I don't think they should have been rewarded for repeated failures. That said, I'll be keeping up the pressure to make sure they actually deliver on what the Franchise Agreement says. I'm pressuring the Department to see whether Abellio will compensate passengers for years of misery, for instance."

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